This is a version of the Fake Beta Scam.


The Surfboard Scam is when a scammer makes you believe their Surfboard item is worth something when it actually isn't. This scam is often successful because there are 2 very similar Surfboards (Red with Bubbles). One is worth around 1-2 good long collars. The one with a bite mark isn't, as it can be found in Sunken Treasures (an underwater shop).

The Surfboard page on the AJ Collector's Wiki is the first result for searching AJ Surfboard Worth. This page has been locked due to scammers constantly trying to edit it to have a picture of the storebought Red with Bubbles, or change the worth to several Black Longs. (see Wiki Worth Scam).

How to avoid this scam

Do not trade for any surfboards with bites. Below is a comparison of the Surfboards worth something and the ones currently in stores.

  • The surfboard worth something is called Wooden Surfboard. The worthless one is simply called Surfboard.
  • The Wooden Surfboard is a land item. The storebought Surfboard is an underwater item.
  • Wooden Surfboards do not have a bite. Storebought Surfboards do.
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