Notice: The Takeaway Scam is sometimes hard to identify. It is only available on Animal Jam's new trading system.

The Takeaway Scam can be used in multiple ways. However, its most popular method is putting a really good rare on your trade request. Then, the scammer will fill the list with bad items. (Normally the same item, such as a Princess Necklace). Then, before/after you click accept, they will take the good item away.


A Jammer is offering for your Raccoon Tail. They offer a overtrade along with 23 Princess Necklaces. The jammer will often say that they are gifting you. You accept the trade and the scammer takes away the valuable item. The Scammer ends up with the item (in this case Rare Raccoon Tail) and you end up with Princess Necklaces.

Other Methods

  • The scammer may say that the item is "glitched" inside the trade list, and can't be seen.
  • The Jammer will do the same as above, however will just trade the overtrade and remove the item, in which case you get nothing.

How To Avoid This Scam

  • Do not trust any suspicious users.
  • Always completely check the list, before and after clicking the Accept Button.
  • If you notice your Green Accept button change to grey, its because the trade has changed. However this system isn't always reliable. Always thoroughly check through the trade.
  • You can always cancel the trade! If you notice that the person you are trading with is adding a bunch of worthless items, don't be afraid to step out. An alternative to this would be to ask the person to remove the bad items. (If it doesn't work, you can cancel, of course.)
  • Only accept items you want! Do not accept worthless items you don't want. If they refuse to remove the items you don't want, simply cancel the trade.
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