• Avehtt Animal Jam

    both dudemaster and mist resigned so now we have 0 admins and yea

    dudemaster resigned himself but mist just resigned because of reasons stated in her blog post so read it and dont be lazy

    so yea bye you two

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  • PrincessMoonlight123

    About Me

    August 7, 2020 by PrincessMoonlight123

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  • Sabrember

    Staff Applications will be open indefinitely- we may close them at some point, but for now we're continuing to accept applications for Discord, Chat, and Content Moderators. If you haven't been messaged about your application, you may be accepted in the future when we have a need for more staff. If…

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  • Zililk1


    August 5, 2020 by Zililk1


    Jamima404 is an Animal Jam Classic Hacker that utilizes hacking in order to break into victims accounts. He is known to use phishing links such as Adobe Flash Hacks as well as Free Account Hacks as well as the Fake Homepage Scam. It is also reported that once he gets access to an account he re…

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