Welcome to the AJ Scammer Watch!
Featured on the AJSW are pages about both scammers and types of scams in Animal Jam. Our goal is to help the community stay safe by warning users about potential dangers in the game. We have many active users who have created 624 pages, and a total of 91,982 edits on the wiki since its creation on February 27, 2019!
What You Can Do

Please visit the rules page before you contribute to the wiki, and make sure you follow these rules at all times - we want to keep our wiki community safe and drama-free.

See a new scammer or a new scam and want to create a page? Go ahead and make one! If you need help, use the Page Guide as a reference. All scammer pages created must have photo and/or video proof. If none is provided within a few days, the page will be archived until we get enough proof. If proof is provided, the page will go back up.

Feel free to edit a page if you have more information or notice something wrong. Be sure to follow our page editing guidelines. Message a staff member if a page is locked.

Go to our community’s recent blog posts to find out about our latest buzz, or feel free to create a blog post of your own! Also, be sure to check out our Community Page!

If you want to edit a locked page, need help making a scammer page, have a question or concern, or notice anything against the rules, contact a Staff Member.

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