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Welcome to the scammer watch wiki!

If you find any scammers, feel free to create a page on them

Make sure you have proof before you create a page!

Little note;

If you have a scammer page on you, and you believe false information was provided, Contact Uruaki.

Do NOT remove/edit out information on the page. It will just get undone and the account used to make the edits will be blocked.

If you contact me, I will listen to you and I will decide whether or not to remove any information from the page if you give me enough evidence to prove what's on the page is false.

Staff Team
Welcome to the AJ Scammer Watch!
We, the staff of AJSW, aim to spread awareness about various types of scams and/or hacks as well as various scammers/hackers to help the community become a safer place. We warn users about potential dangers in the game and we are very grateful for our many, active users who have created 600 pages, and a total of 104,210 edits on the wiki since its creation on February 27, 2019!

On July 5, 2021, we welcome our new mascot, Private Kay, or just Kay for short. Private Kay is a sea turtle dressed in their uniform of a police hat and sheriff badge. They carry around a silver trident as their defensive weapon. The art in the background of every page was created by @clawface3 on Instagram/@Numnull#9459 on Discord. The art below was created by @!! k#7114 on Discord/Constellatiions on AJC.

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What You Can Do

Please take the time to read through our rules prior to interacting or contributing to our community. Our goal is to not only help the Animal Jam community become safer, but to keep our own Wiki community safe.

If you spot a new scammer or a new scam type and want to create a page, go ahead and make one! We encourage member interaction. If you need help, either contact a Content Moderator or Administrator or use the Page Guide as a reference. All scammer pages created must have some form of visible proof. If the page does not have proof within a week of creation, it will be deleted.

If you have any extra information or details to add to a page, feel free to edit it in yourself. Contact a staff member with the information if you find difficulty or if the page is locked.

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