The AJ Scammer Watch Wiki

Please make sure to follow these rules! If you break a rule, we will give you a warning, or a block if the violation is severe enough. Repeated violations of the rules will lead to a block or even a permanent ban from the wiki.

  1. Scammer pages must have solid video or photo proof, or they will be archived until proof is provided. (You will not be officially warned for violating this policy, unless you do it repeatedly. We will simply leave a message on your wall saying the page will be archived if proof isn't provided in a few days.)
  2. Hell/heck, damn/dang, shoot, frick, piss, crap, and abbreviated swears (wtf, lmao/lmfao, bs, etc) are the only swears allowed. Full swears, swears with letters rearranged/removed, swears with symbols replacing letters, swears in other languages, and slurs are not allowed.
  3. No discrimination or hate towards anyone of any nationality, gender, with a disability, etc. This includes ANY slurs and racist jokes. Insults, negativity, and critical comments (especially in excess) could lead to a warning or a block.
  4. Violent comments (especially directed towards someone) are not allowed. Playful comments are allowed, unless they're disturbing or gory.
  5. Violent, hateful, and/or insulting comments towards scammers will be taken down and may result in a warning.
  6. Respect staff members. If they ask you to stop doing something and you argue back, this is considered staff disrespect and you will get a warning. 
  7. Do not reopen threads that staff has closed, or undo deletions that staff has made. If staff has messaged you, do not close their thread.
  8. Do not resist warnings or close warning threads. Resisting warnings and blocks will only lead to arguments and extended blocks. If you have a valid reason for why your warning should be revoked, politely talk to the staff member who warned you.
  9. No badge farming. This includes making unnecessary edits (unneeded punctuation, reverting edits repeatedly, etc), or making several small edits that could be done in a couple large edits. Minor grammar fixes are allowed.
  10. No vandalism. This includes removing/replacing all the content on a page, as well as inserting anything unrelated to the scammer into a scammer page.
  11. Do not advertise outside your profile (in blog posts, in/under scammer pages, on message walls, etc.) without staff permission.
  12. Inappropriate, frightening, or disturbing images are not allowed. This includes blood and gore, body horror, pictures of things that scare many people (clowns, spiders, etc), images that could cause seizures, and images that would be described as gross or creepy.
  13. Sexual content is not allowed. This includes sexual comments, links leading to sexual websites, dirty jokes, suggestive images, and nude/very revealing images.
  14. Do not copy anything from this wiki and put it on another wiki or site. You may show pages from this site to people using links and pictures.
  15. Do not copy content from other wikis or sites and paste it on this wiki.
  16. No necroposting. This means commenting on posts or messages that have been inactive for over a month.
  17. No spamming. This includes extremely long comments and unnecessary/unrelated comments under scammer pages, blog posts, or on message walls (unless the owner gives you clear permission).
  18. Do not make unnecessary pages. The only pages we allow on the wiki are scammer pages and scam pages. It's fine if blog posts aren't always related to scamming or the wiki, so long as they're not excessive or inappropriate.
  19. Do not beg for or hint at a staff position, even during staff season. We appreciate helpful edits and suggestions, but we don't like excessive hints and compliments just to get on the wiki's good side. Don't worry, we always notice when users are helpful!
  20. Do not make new accounts to avoid blocks or bans. (ban evading or sockpuppeting)
  21. Do not pretend to be someone else on another account. This includes both impersonation and acting like you're new or a different person than your main account that was already on this wiki.
  22. Doxxing anyone, including scammers, results in a permanent block. This means revealing personal information about them such as full names, addresses, and schools. Posting Discord tags and ID's does not count as doxxing.
  • Scammers, vandals, trolls, and sockpuppets are perma-banned from the wiki.
  • Users who pretend to be more than one person will be banned on all their accounts, whether any of their accounts were banned previously or not. We may make exceptions if the purpose of making an alternate account is minor (such as voting or giving opinions).
  • We do not tolerate people who are on the wiki just to cause drama. They will likely be perma-banned if all they do is argue, without ever making helpful contributions to the wiki. Constant lying could lead to a perma-ban as well.
  • If someone continuously disrespects staff, resists warnings, mistreats others, and/or breaks the rules (even within a short amount of time), they will be perma-banned.
  • Staff is curbing drama and making sure the rules are followed when they correct you or warn you, and they deserve respect since they are in authority on this wiki. They are not mad at you when they warn you; they are doing their job.
  • Incidents on other platforms (other wikis, Discord, etc.) can contribute to a block or a ban.