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There has recently been a new scam called the “Friendship Contest” scam.

In this scam, the scammer usually starts off by saying “Friendship contest my den! Winner wins my list.” They will have very good items on trade.

The next thing they’ll do is introduce themselves to everyone in a friendly manner. They might say things like:“Hi everyone! I am (insert name here), today I am going to be challenging you all to a contest! I am trying to make friends, so that’s why I’m giving away items“. Then they will begin a series of challenges, in which they might say:


”so, if I were to get bullied, what would you do?”

And then they name a random person to answer their question. The host will give them “points” when they answer that they would do the right thing to help the scammer.

Then, they would start challenges such as: “Who ever gives me the best compliment gets a point!” And, “I’m going to trust you all with an item, and if you give it back, I’ll give you points!”. Then, that’s usually when the scamming starts to happen.
The scammer will usually have a spare account, and that spare will pretend to gift the host. The person "gifting" the scammer will get more points than the others, making them “first place”.

Usually when this happens, other people participating start gifting the scammer or trust trading with them since they, by this point, start to think that the scammer is a very trustable and kind person.

Then, of course, the scammer leaves with the items that they received, with their spares as well.


Please be aware of this scam, it’s very uncommon, but it’s very easy to fall for. If you have any more evidence of someone using this scam, please comment below and upload it to this page.

How to Avoid this Scam

To put it simply, just don't go to friendship contests, unless you want to risk your items. If you happen to be at one of these contests, and the host starts trading, just leave, or don't participate.

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