This is similar to the Free Account Hack

The Spare Account Scam is a common scam. How it is used is, a user will put rares on an account and advertise it, saying, "rare account giveaway." The person who wins the giveaway gets the account. After building up to good items, the real owner of the account will come back, and rob you of all your items. (They can only do this, because they know your account password). They may do one of the following things:

  • Go into your account, and take all rares
  • Go into your account and steal all owned things (sapphires, diamonds, gems, items, pets)
  • Go into your account and do one of the first steps, then log out of the account
  • Go into your account and do one of the first steps, then say things that will get the account banned

Scammer Tactics

Providing little or no evidence of any rares at all.

Getting a buddy request from multiple accounts (Possibly spares, to get items)

How do you know if your account is being hacked in this way?

Your device will constantly crash, and may make strange noises, etc.

How do you avoid this scam?

Simply, never take passcodes.

If you do want to take the chance, consider your chances, and move all rares on the account to your main.

You may be thinking? Won't the strategy above get me banned?

No, as the account is supposed to be yours. Any items on it are as well.

Don't ever trust a giveaway like this. AJHQ restricts account sharing.

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