• So I went to a giveaway that was hosted by Totallynotahusky. They were giving away long spiked collars, headdresses, and other goodies. I went and the first came was first jag. I did my jag and this kido named Peachseed wins the pink party hat. I didn't think much of it. Then the host said that next will do a game that is the opposite of trust. It was you accept, then accept again then decline when the person who is trading to needs to accept to complete the trade. Confusing I know. Then I did that with my promo and flower crown. They said that whoever TRADES ok items will get a long spiked collar at the end. I was one of those people. I then asked husky if I would get a long because I actually traded. He said no because I didn't try to beat Obliviousbean's trade which was a short spiked collar. I then said I tried to beat him because when I traded, bean had traded a long wrist. I got really salty. This kid was trying to get me to trade higher. Bean then said "Safari you can win just trade your Red long". I was like no. I then asked if he could trade his Alpha sword and he said it was his treasure. WELL MY RED LONG IS ALSO MY TREASURE. Then I noticed that a user called IxDontxcare left. I jagged him asking if he got scammed. He said yes and he got scammed out of a black long wrist, orange wrist, and green wrist. The kid Peachseed then told me to stop whining and just trade it. I said no. I told husky I should be getting a long. He said no because flower crowns were only rims. ONLY RIMS. I was salty and said " Says the one that has a rim headdress". He got mad at me and said If I didn' trade my red long, he would recycle HIS LONG SPIKED COLLARS. I said sure go ahead. Then the jammers Obliviousbean and Peachseed then started convincing me to trade my red long. I said no and got locked out XDDD

    Yeah totally gonna add this guy and his friends.

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