The AJ Scammer Watch Wiki

Fake Animal Jam Homepage

Note: We strongly suggest that you DO NOT VISIT ANY OF THESE WEBSITES even to see what they look like. The website may gather information you have stored on your computer or even send out viruses simply by visiting the site. Some of these fake sites appear to have your main AJ account already logged in.


A scammer, over social media (such as Discord), will give a link to a website that appears to be the Animal Jam Website (the link to enter AJ codes). They also may post the link at the at bottom of a YouTube video. The scammer implies that it's the correct link to the legitimate website. However, the link will take you to a fake Animal Jam homepage. The URL of the link site is different than the real Animal Jam, and other features may be different as well, such as advertisements and visual appearance.

If you enter your account info into a fake Animal Jam website, you cannot login and your username and password will be stored where scammers and hackers can access it. In worse cases, they will also be able to access your parent account and dashboard. Even worse, they might send out viruses to your computer to steal your personal information, money, and Animal Jam items you own.

How to avoid this scam

If someone sends you a link that appears to be the Animal Jam website link, do not click it! It's important to visit the real Animal Jam website without taking that risk. If someone unexpectedly sends you an unfamiliar link, ask them what it is before clicking it. They could be trying to hack you by either taking you to a fake homepage or having you download a hack with one click.

If you're unsure whether an Animal Jam page is real or not, use these guidelines:

  • Look at the URL of the given link, and compare it to the URL you see when typing in The URL of a fake site will be different than the official Animal Jam website URL.
  • Check the website copyright. A pattern seen in fake Animal Jam sites is that they have a copyright of the earlier year, so make sure that the copyright is the present year.
  • If asked to enter account information, enter fake information (a made-up user and password). The real AJ webpage will say that the input is wrong, but fake ones will automatically accept it and store the information into a database that the scammer keeps.
  • If there are other links on the page like you would usually see on Animal Jam (membership bundle, gift card, etc), see if they are clickable. If not, the webpage is fake. Also, if there are unfamiliar features such as games or advertisements, it's fake.

Fake Animal Jam homepage VS. Real Animal Jam homepage

Language Server Hack



A user will usually come to your den and ask you to record something in an AJ server in a different language. (They may offer rare items.) They direct you to a YouTube channel (such as Reflecting AJ, Spikelord AJ, Yarrow AJ, xSoftEchoes) with a link they claim is the way to access Animal Jam in a different language. However, it's a hack link that both steals your AJ account information and IP Address.

How To Avoid This Scam

  • Don't click links shown to you by people you don't know, especially if they're unfamiliar. Anything Animal Jam wants you to access can be accessed through the official site.
  • If someone comes to your den and says something similar to what's described in the About section, report them and get proof to warn others instead of doing what they say.

Session ID Hack



Screenshot 2019-09-29 at 4.59.48 PM - Edited.png

A scammer will ask to chat with you on another media platform (ex. Discord), saying that they know how to generate free items for you. At some point, they'll ask you to download an extension (cookie manager). One said extension is called EditThisCookie. 

Once you download it thinking that it's harmless and helpful, the scammer will ask you to give them your Session ID. Once you give them your Session ID, they will be able to log into your account, this doesn't mean that they will grab a hold of your info, such as: passwords, emails, etc.

How to avoid this hack

Do not download anything that anyone tells you to, and do not give anyone technical information. If someone asks you to download something or give information, they are trying to hack into your account.

If you feel that someone may use your Session ID to hack you, just log back in. Your Session ID resets every time you log in, so the person who you gave your Session ID to will not be able to log into your account.

Adobe Flash Hack


2020-04-23 (88).png

Someone will send a link (sometimes during a YouTube livestream), often saying that it's something like fanart. It requires you to enable Adobe Flash, but it's actually a hack.

How to avoid this hack

Don't click links from people you don't know well, and don't click links during livestreams. If you do click a link, and you're required you to enable Flash, don't.