552 Animal Jam

aka Jelliboo

  • I live in In the zoo we call a house
  • I was born on October 30
  • My occupation is Loving my pets
  • I am Busy playing Animal Crossing

Hello, I am Jelliboo. I am your worst fear, and as you may know, I love cookies. :)


- My favorite food is Mac & Cheese

- My favorite holiday is Halloween

- I love animals

- Hi

- I have a wiki dedicated to saving animals if you could give it a visit, here's the link. c:

So, here is a little story about my experience with scammers, and why I joined this wiki,

Around 2016 or 2015, idk, I got scammed of my black studded collar, I thought all spikes were rare, including that one, so I was pretty upset. About a month later I got scammed again of some diamond spikes. Later in 2018 I got scammed of a green long and a yellow short, because then I learned how to get actual rares. That time I was very upset. Now I had nothing, a year later, 2019, on Nov, 5th I discovered this wiki and joined. It was perfect because now I could learn all the scams and scammers so I could avoid them, since then I have never been scammed.

2 Question & Answers

Q: How did you get your headdress if only a year ago you had nothing? A: I got gifted a solid, then a month later a RIM HD!! I traded up to a white bea tail and silver pary, along with my hd and solid, I traded them all for a DPHD, which were around 5-6 back then. I traded the dphd and a pink long up to a tan, then down to a dphd and solid, doing that until I had a dphd and 4 solids. I traded it for silver hd, then up to mag, then a blue.

Q: What method did the scammer use to scam you? A: Yellow short: I wanted them to help me get rarer, they agreed, then said they needed my short to trade up, I gave it to her and she left and unbuddied me. Green long, same thing.

So, there you go guys. Thanks for staying this long, here is a reward. Enjoy. Bye for now. :)


My favorite pages

  • Are you stalking me?
  • No?
  • Good.
  • Wait then why are you still reading this?
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