Avehtt Animal Jam

aka solid dog bricks

Content Moderator
  • I live in the Protect button on the Animal Jam Scammer Watch
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is leveling up my Neon Dingo in Adopt Me
  • I am a gamer
  • Bio Hi, I'm Avehtt Animal Jam. As an Bureaucrat for both the Random World Wiki and the Free Admin Wiki, also a Content Mod for the Animal Jam Scammer Watch Wiki, ask me anything about being a Staff member on any of these platforms!
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UI HA 219

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UI HA 219

Beware of this user, for they are a SolidCoyote. They could be planning to yeet a Neon Bow at you right now. You must be wary of this user, and report them to the SolidCoyote Watchers of this wiki. Keep your Headresses safe from this SolidCoyote. You have been warned.

you get that template from doing {{SolidCoyote}} btw


ask me to delete comments, delete pages, protect pages, edit locked pages, create a page, or just do something else idk

About me




So you wanna know about me? Well ok then I like dogs more than cats but I still like cats

I love desserts, so gimme me them now

My Content Mod role is all I ever wanted since I joined the Wiki

The Animal Jam Scammer Watch is my all-time favorite wiki no matter what happens

I have 22 chickens, 2 dogs, 2 cats, wild birds that visit, and I live on a small farm

I might add more later


On this wiki, of course


my legit best friend - hi its me mist and i dont exist

the founder

epic fish the epic fish absolutely nobody knows about

discord mod

the other discord mod that actually knows me

pro stalker

I don't know khy that well but I decided to include her 


I put quotes here!

"A vandal is a vandal. Sure, they can apologize and earn trust, but that gives them the advantage. We saw what happened to Raymond. It's almost like they never change."

--A reply to Raymond from ACNH


Lolewhyrsvyrdsyrds This user has been on The AJ Scammer Watch Wiki since 2020
Yep i did replace it This user is a Content Moderator

"Prepare for a mass edit"

Cowboy coyote This user is active. They are alive and well.

"Yeehaw, lets do business, boys."

Asdsafdsa This user uses she/her pronouns.
Meee This user is Avehtt Anmal Jam

"I am a SolidCoyote, and you can't change that."

oh yea do you want a custom userbox if you do omg click dis

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