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"I live in the comments of all the pages on this wiki."

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"Prepare for a mass edit"

Hello and greetings, to whoever is reading my page.

Bunnyswaggystar is an active artist that loves drawing cartoons and realistic art. I started playing AJ during 2015 and started drawing in 2018. Go and subscribe to my youtube here. I can usually be seen in the art studio or my den. Please don't call me Swaggy. it annoys me a lot. I found a new hobby too! Making mini-movies! I usually like writing short stories as well.

STUFF about da swag

  1. My favorite colors are blue, purple and silver.
  2. My favorite sport is badminton
  3. I've been scammed out of RIM headdress worth before (pet seal) which is why I joined this wiki.
  4. I host livestreams on weekends on my channel Bunnyswaggystar AJ.
  5. I'm a boring person :)

Storytime with bunnyswag 😜

So this is how I got scammed... When I was about 8-9, I got a pet seal and a couple of spikes. So then I found this cougar giving away a blue headdress using the method accept twice and then decline, or should I say Flash Trading. I was pretty gullible so I traded my beloved pet seal, Wintersprinkles and my spikes(YUP YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. NO JOKE) for a necklace. Then I got locked out lol. I was really upset, but I didn't cry. I contacted AJHQ about getting scammed but they said they can't return my items. A few years later, I managed to get a DPHD but got scammed out of 2 solids by Poulloute. But I stumbled upon this wiki and thought, "Hey, if I can't help myself anymore. Why not contribute and help someone else?''

And BOOM! That is how little bunny became a scammer catcher while hoping she wouldn't get scammed again.

You can call me...

  1. Bunny
  2. Kitti
  3. Bunnyswag
  4. The one and only person to control Macrosky