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A logical and reserved user, ElectroSpanz is a veteran of the AJ Scammer Watch Wiki who will clean the pages up and takes screenshots to Discord to alert the users and admins on the user in question.

She usually looks through Youtube on what scammers did so she could give out some information by editing and tends to be polite to certain users and scammers. But when they are rude to her, she will become quiet, but have the guts to keep the opinions to herself.

Trading and Shopping Rules

  • Do not attempt to offer this user anything other than the items she is wailing to trade for. This is to decrease the amount of undertrades and scams.
  • Try not to scam her. She knows her items and worth. If she isn't sure what is the worth about the item, she'll talk to the staff members of the Animal Jam Wiki Chat. (Play Wild Only)
  • Don't Cross Trade! This user is completely against cross trading, as she is well-aware there are scammers out there who will take any items while trying to get victims to go first. Not to mention, Cross Trading is now against the rules on Animal Jam on Rule 4 and Point 11 See more about this in Cross Trade Scam.
  • There are multiple shops you can look and buy, but remember, this user will not lower the prices unless she wants to. There is a chance she might have missed out the prices she put up. Sometimes she'll open up the trading system mainly for color swaps.
  • Select the items before trading and don't spam once declined or ignored! This is to decrease the amount of item spam and to let other users trade with her.


These items are all on Animal Jam Play Wild. Don't expect her to trade anything at all in Animal Jam Classic. The ones on bold means she is strict while the ones on italic means she is buying it for the low amount of sapphires.

  • Rare White 3D Glasses
  • Futuristic Headset
  • Rare Grass Mohawk
  • Keytar
  • Outback Set - This user already owns the Outback Hat and Outback Tail Satchel.
  • Turn Tables

Kept Items

All of these items the user wants to keep is not wailing to trade at all. Don't attempt to ask her for these items.

  • Daredevil Set
  • Unicorn Set (Red and Black variant)
  • Punk Arm Cuffs
  • Stylish Tail Accents
  • Trendy Glasses
  • Pet Midnight Kitty
  • Fearie Wings (Red and Lime and Blue and Purple variant)
  • Rainbow Spiked Collar
  • Pet Armadillo Lizard (Dark blue and hot pink with peach no pupil eyes)
  • Meagyn's Pet Bear (All white with red eyes and eyelashes, level 5)
  • Pet Persian Cat (Black to peach gradient with male eyes, level 5)
  • Blackout Stylish Vest
  • Cavern Crystal Dance Floor
  • Halloween Rares
    • Heart Tail Topper
    • Forest Gauntlets
    • Arm Cuffs
    • Galaxy Wings
    • Rocker Jacket


  • ElectroSpanz also has a DeviantArt account, which she abandoned it since April 21st, 2020.
  • She used to have a Club Penguin account by the username of Spaniel78 before the game shut down on March 30th, 2017.
  • She used to be on Animal Jam Classic often, mostly for the daily spin. As the updates become reversed, she moved to Animal Jam Play Wild.
  • She preferably uses she/her pronouns. Although she is alright with he/him/his pronouns due to her former likance to Team Fortress 2.
  • She has recently got back to Transformice under the username Spanz as of August 2020.


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