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  • I was born on April 30
  • My occupation is doing nothing
  • Bio I will become immortal
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About Me

I'm FireFlows. I also go by Ashley. I like editing the format on pages to make it consistent and also correcting grammar mistakes. Sometimes I make blog posts about scams. Maybe eventually I’ll record a scam or something and post it in YouTube to warn other people. Sometimes on Animal Jam I join clearly fake scams and stuff just to see it. I also write about things (including scammers) on my WordPress blog. Go check it out if you feel like listening to me ramble.

I do not remember if I’ve scammed in the past. I probably have but I’ve retired because I am worth more than my weight in pixels.


  • Email -
  • Discord - fire#0316
  • Animal Jam Classic - firesometimesflows
  • Animal Jam - supercatpants63
  • - flows

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