aka screams in french

  • I live in frankfurt germany (bet you almost thought that was true)
  • I was born on March 6
  • My occupation is cartoon and anime trash
  • I am a history enthusiast but my mom doesnt like that ):(
  • Bio salut, ca va bein, et toi?
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hi im sol
T pose marshall

✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿ welcome to this thing inspired by mist and go check hers out its way better i swear to christ

oh and this thing is clickable so click on those sections below and learn about me


hello mate that squrriel is marshal from animal crossing and i bet you already knew that

about me✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿

hello im fluffen but call me sol im some person who lives in the us and likes shrimps and tacos,

oh and this is in wip

turtle gang✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿━✿

hi this is basically friends

turtle leader

animating turtle

gaming turtle

cheese turtle

elder turtle

bagguette turtle

oh and this is in wip

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