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Hewo! My Animal Jam username is ismenafairytaledream, but you can call me Ismena! I am not an official admin for the AJ Scammers Wiki, but I hope to do everything I can to stop scams and attend giveaways to catch these scammers. Here’s some exclusive tips to help protect yourself from scams:

1. LEAVE if the jammer says, “Or you can not do the deal.” If they end up scamming you, they can say that they gave you an option to go on with the method of scamming they used to trick you. This tip is from experience!

2. When or before attending a giveaway, search the potential scammer’s username in this wiki just to check. Even if the name doesn’t show up, be wary of their tactics and ready to discuss about adding a page if this user scams.

3. Don’t ever let someone trust trade with you, even if you’ve known them for however long. Unless you know and can contact them in real life, DON’T TRUST WITH ANYONE!

Scammers, you know who you are. I know you may be rolling your eyes right now, but you need to stop scamming. Anyone who's reading this, I need you to go on every YouTube scamming video possible and comment about how bad it is to scam. It DOESN'T teach people a lesson; it only teaches people how greedy and lazy scammers are to steal people's items because they're insecure and can't trade up to things themselves. It DOESN'T make the scammed jammers dumb for falling for a scam, nor greedy for items. It's okay to want a shortcut to being rarer sometimes in ways such as winning a giveaway, but it's NOT okay to scam as a shortcut, without the owner of the items's permission.

I recently tried to get AJHQ to help me catch and track down all the YouTube scammers we could. But, because of the virus and the struggle of people coming to them for other billing, hacking, and scamming issues, they were unable to help. So I need all of YOU as the AJ Scammers Wiki community to help me instead and help grow this wiki until we have every scammer and scamming method in the book!

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