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  • I live in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • I was born on May 4
  • My occupation is Visual artist (mainly traditional)
  • I am A figment of your imagination (female)
  • Bio I do, indeed, exist
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Hey fam! What's poppin? I'm Khy, a visual artist. I mainly do traditional art, as that is sort of becoming a growing career for me. Digital art is more of a side hobby. I love vibing/listening to music, drawing, writing stories, going to the beach, and going out with friends.

Note: My username on Animal Jam is now Spiderkhy. My old main account, Khyønø, was hacked and banned. If you want to chat with me or jag me, use Spiderkhy. Thanks!

Bureaucrat on the Animal Jam Creative Wiki.

Animal Jam Art Wiki: Khyønø

DeviantART: Khyono

Discord: Khyono#2658

Favorite Things

Movies/TV Shows: Marvel movies, America's Got Talent, Friends

Hobbies: Drawing, playing guitar and piano, vibing, writing

Food: Sushi, ice cream, cheesecake, chicken, steak

Drinks: Water, Dr. Pepper, Rootbeer, Coke

Characters: The Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes), Loki, Darcy Lewis, Captain America

Music: Metallica, Nirvana, Billie Eilish

Animal: Foxes, wolves, hyenas, big cats

Color: Black, dark red, white





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