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✿ Hi, I'm Mist. ✿


Welcome to my revamped 2019 profile layout!

Some of the text here is clickable, so feel free to explore. ^w^

I'm a former admin, but I might come back! If you'd like to visit my spam wiki, just leave a message on my wall and I'll send you there.
Here's my carrd, there's more stuff about me there and also some links to other websites I'm in:

If you'd like to try this layout, please remember to store the code somewhere, just like I do! :'0
I'm not sure why, but the code will break a lot whenever you try to edit it, which makes it really difficult. Trust me, I went through several rounds of this.



The pagedoll on the side is an OC named Fern. Show them some love lol.

If you'd like to know about the one in the corner, her name is undecided, but suggestions are welcome.

The pagedolls are subject to change but these are the current ones! :0
I created the drawings, but the character's designs were not made by me.


✿ Turtle Army ✿


✿ Userboxes ✿

Userboxes are an idea I introduced back in 2019!

I actually just stole these from the Polandball Wiki but sh--

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"I am literally dead."