Sabrembermemberemberember is an active bureaucrat and owner of the AJ Scammer Watch. 😎😎😎 Feel free to ask her any questions, and she'll answer them with her abounding wisdom and knowledge. She's not making wiki pages at the moment--the AJSW is going through some major changes.

She's an admin on Animal Jam Item Worth Wiki. She's also an admin in a Discord server called Offical Pet Trading with over 500 members, and an admin in another active trading server called Trading Central with over 800 members. Join or she'll dropkick you.

Items Scammed

  • Your heart
  • 420 cents
  • Several teeth
  • One Frito Lay chip



  • Legends remember Sab's first cringe profile. It's even more cringe now 😎😎😎
  • Sab has a YouTube channel here
  • Sab is actually the tooth fairy which explains the tooth thing. If you find money under your pillow after losing a tooth it's just a coincidence. Sab steals your teeth without leaving anything behind... lmao get scammed
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