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Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in the lump under your carpet
  • My occupation is playing stupid furry kids game
  • I am sane


Sabrembermemberemberember is an active bureaucrat and owner of the AJ Scammer Watch. 😎😎😎 If you want a page created about a scammer, she's happy to make it as long as there's solid proof provided. Feel free to ask her any questions, and she'll answer them with her abounding wisdom and knowledge.

I'm a Content Mod on Animal Jam Item Worth Wiki. I'm also a moderator in a Discord server called Offical Pet Trading with over 600 members, and an admin in another active trading server called Trading Central with over 800 member. Join or I'll dropkick you.

Items Scammed

  • Your heart
  • 69 cents
  • Several teeth
  • One sock (that's all she managed to get before you came home and she had to get out from under your bed... holy frick what have you been doing with this sock)



  • Legends remember Sab's first cringe profile. It's even more cringe now 😎😎😎😎😎
  • Sab has a YouTube channel here
  • Sab is actually the tooth fairy which explains the tooth thing. If you find money under your pillow after losing a tooth it's just a coincidence. Sab steals your teeth without leaving anything behind... lmao get scammed
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