aka Store

Chat moderator
  • I live in a house,,,, what do you expect
  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is no
  • I am what


Oh my god this is the millionth time I've edited my userpage wh

ok uhhh

Hi hello it is I, Star,,, and I don't know uMmfggf

anewaye here som thigns abowt me :)

  • I'm thinking about quitting Animal Jam because the community just is not welcoming, and they don't treat eachothers right
  • I'm really sensitive about stuff I don't know why-
  • I'm Bisexual
  • Object shows are epic
  • Puffball and Leafy are the best bfb contestants change my mind
  • I use Discord way more than fandom for some reason
  • If you know any object shows please tell me because I want to watch more,,,
  • I actually don't like Animal Jam anymore

Ok anyways, if you need something that I'm capable of doing, ask me or someone else. Just also uhh,,, I don't really know much about perms you get when you become a staff member,,, This is like the first wiki I've been staff of bghghfhhg

Ok bye loL

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