About Me

Hey! I'm rachel/rach and i'm 15 years old. also i'm not a beak despite what the beak sophix says.

I played 'animal jam' from 2014-2019, and have recently began to play 'play wild'. my old aj user was super cringey: fantasticfriends100. you won't really find me on the wiki, maybe only reverting edits that you people did that sucked. i am most active on the wiki's discord server. also im addicted to minecraft survival, hunger games and cake wars. i have two adorable kitty cats, one fat one thin. i have broken two rules on the wiki but lysol is so nice to me rip 2019 me trying to add categories to my profile and lyssi u necroposted on that reply also but i did do it first

Bucket List

  • leave the country
  • travel to new zealand
  • see snow
  • finish a 1000plus piece puzzle
  • become discord server mod for this wiki
  • travel to italy
  • quit food and nutrition
  • get a mac computer
  • get an iphone without a home button
  • drag myself to the shops and buy those af1
  • go on an aeroplane by myself

leave something below ;) -i give u permission to edit

  • hello
  • hhioooo

We get snow where I'm at! I'll try to remember to send you a pic in about 6 months lol. You finished a 1000 piece puzzle? l u c k y! -Bernie

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