Not to be confused with the Item Worth Scam


The Wiki Worth Scam is a scam is when a scammer will edit a page on a wiki such as the Animal Jam Item Worth Wiki, the Animal Jam Collector's Item Worth Wiki, or Play Wild Item Worth Wiki.

Method 1

A scammer edits a worth page, changing an item to say it's worth less than it actually is. For example, they might edit the Headdress page, changing the worth of the RIM Headdress to 1 Bad Long Collar, when it is really worth 1 Black and 2 Good Long Collars - 2 Black Long Collars. After the scammer has finished doing this, they will ask someone if they can trade that little for it, showing them that it's the worth stated on the worth page.

Method 2

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A scammer edits a worth page, changing an item to say it's worth more than it actually is. For example, a scammer might have an item like an Old Scuba Helmet and change the worth to something huge such as 2 Good Long Collars. Users would see the page and offer the amount shown, even though it's actually worth less.

Method 3

Some items may not have a page on a wiki, because they're seasonal or common. A scammer might say that these items are worth a lot, but you can't check because there's no worth wiki page for them. However, there is probably a normal page for them, so a scammer can comment high offers underneath (to trick people) or possibly edit the actual page.

How to avoid this scam

  • Know your rares well. Stay updated with your worths, and keep track of when an item goes down in worth or goes up in worth. If you can't do this, make sure to ask multiple (trustworthy) people for opinions before doing a risky trade.
  • If you don't remember an item being worth so much or so little, you may be right. Check the wiki page's history to see when a major edit was made, and check the contributions of the person who edited it.
  • Check the comments of the page to see common trades for that item. Keep in mind that scammers can write comments to trick people about item worth.
  • Ask others. There are a lot of people who know the correct worth of items. This includes staff members on the Animal Jam Item Worth Wiki and the Play Wild Item Worth Wiki. Staff members on the AJ Scammer Watch also might know worth, and be able to tell you if the page was improperly edited by a scammer.
  • If there's no worth page for an item, look it up on the Animal Jam Wiki. See what people are offering for it in the comment section (be careful, some comments could be from scammers), and check if the item is common, seasonal, or recently in stores.
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